View Full Version : A few questions about the 9.2 Korner

02-10-2016, 11:22 PM
I'd appreciate some help from some of you 9.2 gurus.
I'm taking the plunge and am building a Korner 9.2 FM antenna. I rumaged through my stock of aluminum and have plenty of 10mm (3/8?) seamless tubing, the only problem is that most of it is in short 24 sections.
Two ways to attack this problem, both involve splicing to make longer pieces for my elements. Looking around, I'm seeing enough 1/2 aluminum around here to make some spliced two piece elements. The 10mm stuff slips perfectly inside the 1/2. The short center section of the element near the boom would be 1/2 while the longer tips would be 10mm.
Not a big deal on the directors, the 1/2 piece only needs to be about 10, but on the DE and R the larger tubing will make up a pretty good portion of the element. The other way to splice would be to use some tubing that will fit snugly INSIDE the 10mm tube. Either way, I'd use small self tapping screws to secure the splice and insure a good electrical connection.
I'd rather go with 1st method...it's easier and stronger and I don't have to buy anything. The question is whether it will change the dimensions at all or change the performance? I'm going by Brian's 88-108 modeling page for my sizes.
Just one more quick one. The drawings show that the driven element terminates at 300 ohms. Would it be ok to feed it at that point with a good quality 300-75 ohm matching transformer inside the weatherproof box? Probably add a ferrite choke at that point as well?
Hey thanks fellas. Great forum, I love it!

Glenn in Texas