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09-08-2016, 11:48 PM
Brian suggested I replace a bad rivet with a bolt on the FM6. Since I am not found of the construction of the FM6 and even though the continuity on my altered FM6 seems "okay". I put that is quotes, as I do not overly trust the antenna. Especially since it has been out in the weather for over a year. Could I replace all of the rivets with bolts? Would that affect the pattern or F/B? Thanks.


Jim Thomas
09-14-2016, 11:32 PM
Patrick, I see no one has replied to you on this. IF you venture into drilling out the rivets and replacing with hardware, only stick with aluminum or stainless steel hardware. Many hams do this on their antennas when they see connections/joints starting to weaken. And since you live in a salty air environment, it wouldn't be a bad idea to take some anti-corrosion steps, such as spraying some Krylon clear sealer around the connections (where hardware is located), to keep the corrosion away from those areas.

09-15-2016, 01:02 AM
Thanks. That is one good idea. A clear spray on sealant where any of the rivets are. I do think the year the modified FM6 was out there, it was compromised. Other than drilling out every rivet and sandpapering the connections then replacing them with bolts, I don't see that the FM6's will do that well. Maybe if I end using another FM6 in the future, I will spray the whole antenna will plastic sealant. As long as there is nothing metallic in the spray , it should not affect the signal. Now the Windgard 6065 I had for a number of years seemed to handle our salt air much better. Hopefully the 9.2 will. I put up an unmodified FM6 today and boy does it work better, so the old modified FM6 does have issues, even though I cannot find them.

09-28-2016, 04:33 AM
With Brian's suggestion, I did raise the FM6 to 20 feet. After a couple weeks using it, it does work very well. I had to put a new one up, not modified, as the modified one I had, just quit working well. Even as poor as the FM6 is, I get pretty regularly, Grand Coulee WA East-260mi)), to Myrtle Point OR South-210 miles), and to Victoria BC(North-170 miles). This is from the Northern Oregon Coast.
I have been concerned a bit that forward gain on the 9.2 I have ordered will not equal my old Windgard 6065, but in reading Brian's specs on the Sony XFR, I think any loss will be made up, from the 80s when I used the Pioneer TX9100. I have not compared the specs of the TX9100 with the Sony, but there is no comparison is checking side by side.. First of all, the old 9100, the strong locals pretty much cover one channel above and below their frequency. Which the Sony is perfect with razor sharp filters with no QRM from any local, even when the FM6 is pointed at LOS 102.3 Seaside at 11 miles (25KW). The Sony holds its' own. I can hear many signals on the Sony that are not even audible on the 9100. So, even 1 DB lower, the 9.2 is over the 6065, I am sure the Sony will make up the difference. One thing I did not have in the 1980s when I had the 6065 was all of the co-channel signals, so today that F/B needs to be the best. I have read a ton of reviews on the 9.2 compared to even larger antennas. The 9.2 hold its own or leaves the rest in the dust. The only antenna I could really out do the 9.2 would be a monster like the APS13 or Korner 14.2 or 19.3, which would be impossible to keep up in our winds. Even with the 9.2 handling 85 MPH winds, I still plan of bring it down if we get a huge Pacific storm. I am handling the 9.2 with kid gloves. According to Les, I should have it next month and I am looking forward to getting it up.
That Sony XFR is an amazing receiver. Too bad they longer make them.