View Full Version : The Korner 9.2 vs the Windgard 6065

09-19-2016, 05:55 AM
I miss my old Windgard 6065 from back in the 80s, but in comparing the Korner 9.2 specs compared to the 6065, the gain loss is not all that much, plus the F/B is so much better. Of course up in the weather the Windgard 6065, the spec's may not have been as good as a new one. The gain difference, runs from .26 DB to 1.38 DB, so not a huge difference. With the 6065 back in the 80s, during good trops I would get Eureka CA, down the coast (400+ miles). So far with raising the FM6 to 20 feet hasn't gotten me that far to the South, but 200+miles. But I should be able to get the majority of the Forward gain back with the 9.2. Plus it should withstand our wilds better. The 6065 was stronger than the FM6 physically, but it looks like the 9.2 is stronger yet. I still have not checked out the CM 7777 on the FM6, but I think the gain may be a bit too high. I think a low noise booster in the 10-12 DB range would replace the loss in the 75 feet of RG6. I already get a few mixing products from the locals on the Sony. Not created by the receiver, but caused at the transmitter sites.