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12-14-2009, 08:43 PM
The other day, I went to a link on tvdxtips.com that I hadn't thought about in a few years. This almost-forgotten page contains the 2001 Televisa TV stations list. Although no calls are listed, and many relayers have switched networks since the list was posted in 2001, I had forgotten how thorough this list is for transmitter sites.

This list does show a channel 3 in Cerro Culiacan, which would be XEZ (this transmitter must serve the cities of Celaya and Salamanca). This list also has other stations that are not on the official government list of stations, including many that I've received over the years.

Jeff Kruszka researched some of the ID locations used by Televisa stations several years ago and found several were on mountains near TV markets. The most common one was Las Lajas, VER, where the transmitters serve Jalapa.

Most of my UNofficial Televisa stations are on this list. The most-notable one that is missing is common-Es-catch XHURT-5 Cerro Burro, MICH. As I never logged XHURT-5 until 2003, it could be that this station came on after 2001. It could be that the transmitter in Uruapan was moved to the mountain after 2001. It could be that the station has always been at Cerro Burro, and I just never IDed it until 2003. I don't why it is not on the list.

Unfortunately, this list is of no help when it comes to unofficial TV Azteca relayers, of which I've had a few.

Remember that the network information is outdated, so please don't use that for ID purposes. I have a list of recent known network switches on tvdxtips.com.

Here is the link (it uses Flash Player):