View Full Version : Power Hits 103.3 (Pirate)

04-24-2006, 04:16 AM
I was in the Quad Cities (IA-IL) this past weekend and decided to take a listen to the pirate radio station that has been heavily publicized by the newspapers and TV lately.

It seemed to cover most of the Quad Cities good and was stronger in Davenport than Moline. On the way home, I could pick them up until about a mile from Geneseo, which is about 12 miles or so from Moline.

They were CHR/Pop with quite a bit of 90's music mixed in. They also had Reel World (http://www.reelworld.com/) jingles, which aren't very cheap. I'm not sure if they stole them from another station, but I couldn't find another station called "Power Hits 103.3". They also had a good voice guy too.

Here is an article about the station: Click Here (http://qconline.com/qcnews/archives/qco/sections.cgi?prcss=display&id=284140)
Here is an article about their FCC visit: Click Here (http://qconline.com/qcnews/archives/qco/sections.cgi?prcss=display&id=284801)