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08-16-2010, 02:54 PM
I noticed a few days ago that Fred Cantu's pages have been renovated.

Unfortunately, he still has the same old errors and omissions. Here are a *FEW* examples:

XHPN-3 COAH - Outdated logo

XEFB-2 NL - No Teleactiva logo

XHP-3 Puebla - Outdated logo

Many erroneous network listings for stations, including XHQRO-2, XHCCN-4, XEZ-2, XEZ-3.

XHI-2 Los Mochis is listed as a "repeater" of XHI-2 Cd. Obregon, which I recently learned (the hard way) is not true.

No listing for XHQ-2 Guamuchil.

No listing for Tehuacan, Puebla low-banders.

He does have XHLGT-2 Leon, GTO correctly listed as independent (rather than XEW-2). Unless he has inside information from XHLGT indicating they will switch in the future to the logo that he displays for XHLGT, his logo is not correct. The logo he has for XHLGT is a mystery. It is not the logo XHLGT-2 used prior to the "cdc" logo. I received XHLGT twice on Saturday, and the "cdc" logo was still being used. It was lower right on one program and upper right later in the day on another program. See the pic below from Saturday.

08-17-2010, 10:34 AM
Speaking of XHI-2 and XHQ-3, the Grupo Pacifico stations haven't used those channel-number logos (that are on Cantu's site) in years. Although the channel-number logos are displayed on the Pacifico site, the stations actually use the Pacifico logo on-air.