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indysteve, can you watch the DTV stations on your computer at home from the Remote DTV Site that is in another location? If you can what do you need to have to be able to do this. Thanks.
Yes, I can watch and listen to the DTV stations which are being received at the remote DX site on my computer at home or anywhere. The internet link between the remote site and a log in site to watch it is through TeamViewer. TeamViewer allows me to see the computer screen at the remote site and to control it. Once a DTV station is received and fully decoded, you can click the "View" icon on the HDHomeRun screen, as you can see in the attached pic, to bring up the video along with audio. It does require a computer and internet connection fast enough to handle the extra load to make it work. WTFDA member Mike G. is the man with the expertise who set up the equipment at the remote site to make all of this work. Mike and I are currently starting to gather the equipment needed to set up another remote controlled DTV DX site in Payson, IL, near Quincy, IL & Hannibal, MO.
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