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Thread: FM from Lake Mille Lacs (Aitkin, MN)

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    Default FM from Lake Mille Lacs (Aitkin, MN)

    I see others have done I figured I would too

    While my location is technically Aitkin, MN (mailing address) I am about 16 miles dead south of there on the my results are different than if I was in Aitkin proper. Scanned in my truck using stock equipment at 17:50 CDT

    locals are in BOLD (locals to me are stations I can get on a pocket radio....the nearest station is 22 miles away), Brainerd is approx 30 miles away
    Minneapolis are in italics. They are 93 miles away but the full power ones are mainly Class C or Class C0 100k thundersticks
    The 2 stations in red are not locals as they are based in St Cloud which is 70 miles away but they are both Class C (100kw, 1000 ft towers) so a pocket radio can get it rather easily
    The one in green is 50kw and can be had pretty easily too but again is in St Cloud

    I didn't include ones with lots of static....

    88.1 KVSC St Cloud
    88.3 KBPN MPR Brainerd (Minnesota Public Radio)
    88.5 KRSU MPR Classical Bemidji
    88.9 KNSR MPR St Cloud/Collegeville
    89.1 WGZS Ethnic (run by the Fond Du Lac Indians), Cloquet
    89.3 KOPJ Religious, Sebeka
    89.7 KGRP MPR Grand Rapids
    89.9 K210DR Brainerd, MN (translator of KAXE 91.7) (technically its not a local as its only 115 watts...but it was clear)
    90.1 KSJR MPR Classical St Cloud/Collegeville
    90.7 KBPR MPR Classical Brainerd
    91.1 KNOW MPR Minneapolis
    91.3 KNBJ MPR Bemidji
    91.5 KCFB Christian, St Cloud
    91.7 KAXE Variety, Grand Rapids
    91.9 WINH MPR Hinckley
    92.3 KXRA Classic Rock, Alexandria
    92.5 KQRS Classic Rock, Golden Valley/Minneapolis
    93.1 Bleedover of 93.3
    93.3 KBLB Nisswa
    93.5 Bleedover of 93.3
    93.7 KXXR Hard Rock, Minneapolis
    93.9 WTBX Top 40, Hibbing
    94.1 KMFL A/C, Little Falls
    94.3 KKIN Classic Country, Aitkin <---my closest local. 22 miles away. Their tower is 4 miles north of Aitkin
    94.9 KMXK Hot A/C St Cloud/Cold Spring
    95.5 KBEK Oldies/Adult Contemporary/Variety, Mora
    95.9 WWWI Classic Rock (simulcast of KQDS 94.9 Duluth), Pillager/Brainerd
    96.1 KGPZ Country, Colraine/Grand Rapids
    96.7 KZRV Alternative, St Cloud
    96.9 KMFY Soft Rock, Grand Rapids
    97.1 KTCZ Hot A/C, Minneapolis
    97.3 KDNW Christian, Duluth
    97.5 KDKK Nostalgia, Park Rapids
    97.9 bleedover of 98.1
    98.1 WWJO Country, St Cloud
    98.3 bleedover of 98.1
    98.5 KTIS Christian, Minneapolis
    98.9 KZPK Country, Paynesville/St Cloud
    99.5 KSJN MPR Classical, Minneapolis
    99.9 WUSZ Country, Virginia
    100.1 KLKS Talk, Pequot Lakes/Brainerd
    100.3 KFXN Sports, Minneapolis
    100.7 KIKV Country, Alexandria
    100.9 WCMP Country, Pine City
    101.1 KBHP Country, Bemidji
    101.3 KDWB Contemporary Hits, Minneapolis
    101.5 KFGI "Jack FM", Crosby/Brainerd
    101.7 bleedover of 101.5
    101.9 KQKK A/C, Walker/Bemidji
    102.1 KEEY Country, Minneapolis
    102.7 KTIG Christian, Pequot Lakes/Brainerd
    102.9 KMNB Country, Minneapolis
    103.3 KUMD Variety/College, Duluth
    103.5 KUAL Oldies, Brainerd
    104.1 KZJK Jack FM, Minneapolis
    104.3 WZFJ Christian Hits, Breezy Point/Brainerd
    104.7 KCLD Copntemporary Hits, St Cloud
    105.3 WRXP 1990s-2000s Hip-Hop/R&B, Cambridge
    105.5 KBAJ Classic Rock (simulcast of KQDS 94.9 Duluth), Grand Rapids
    105.9 KKWS Country, Wadena
    106.5 bleedover from 106.7
    106.7 WJJY A/C, Brainerd
    106.9 bleedover from 106.7
    107.3 bleedover from 107.5
    107.5 KLIZ Classic Rock, Brainerd
    107.7 bleedover from 107.5
    107.9 KQQL Classic Hits, Minneapolis

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    Default FM From Lake Mille Lacs (Aitkin, MN)

    Quote Originally Posted by iceberg View Post
    .....While my location is technically Aitkin, MN (mailing address) I am about 16 miles dead south of there on the my results are different than if I was in Aitkin proper.....
    I was fairly close to that area on Monday. A friend of mine and I went to Moose Lake and went ATVing on the Soo Line North Trail. We stopped and had a great burger at the Buckhorn in McGregor.

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    Might as well do the TV one too since its real easy

    KCCW Walker/Bemidji
    RF12 PSIP 12 (satellite of WCCO Minneapolis)
    12-1 CBS
    12-2 Decades

    K16BQ Brainerd
    RF16 (analog translator of KSAX Alexandria which is a satellite of KSTP Minneapolis)
    16 ABC

    KAWB Brainerd
    RF28 PSIP 22 (satellite of KAWE Bemidji)
    22-1 PBS (Lakeland PBS)
    22-2 FNX (First Nations Experience)
    22-3 PBS Kids (Lakeland Kids)
    22-4 Create
    22-5 PBS Encore (they call it Lakeland Plus)
    22-6 Minnesota Channel

    K48IF-D Brainerd, MN
    RF48 PSIP 26 (translator of WFTC Minneapolis)
    26-1 KMSP FOX HD
    26-2 WFTC MY HD
    26-3 Movies!

    K39GG Aitkin
    RF39 (analog translator of KQDS Duluth...they just filed the app on 9/16 with the FCC to flash cut...PSIP would be 21-1)
    39 FOX

    2 stations in the Minneapolis market but can be semi-received
    KPXM Big Lake (near St Cloud)
    RF40 PSIP 41
    41-1 Ion
    41-2 Qubo
    41-3 IonLife
    41-4 Shop
    41-5 QVC
    41-6 HSN

    KSAX Alexandria
    RF42 PSIP 42 (satellite of KSTP Minneapolis)
    42-1 ABC
    42-2 Independent (KSTC in Minneapolis). Only carried in SD on KSAX. In Minneapolis KSTP has H&I as a sub. KSTC has Me, This and Antenna as subs
    42-3 MeTV (which is carried as a sub on KSTC)

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