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Thread: Levy Park, FL, Daytime AM 10-23-2015 part 1

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    Default Levy Park, FL, Daytime AM 10-23-2015 part 1


    Mike-CT let me put up some mp3 of AM here. (I do have an unID which I'll have to re-do, because I set Total Recorder to the wrong bitrate.)

    This is from my trip to Levy Park, next to Yankeetown, FL, which is 75 miles by "crow" north of Tampa. Excellent spot for daytime AM DX---far from everything!! BTW the Park is the end of the "Follow That Dream Parkway" where Elvis shot his 1961 movie. Names of the stations are in the files. New Orleans from Levy is 440 miles; Cancun 600. Nothing farther (unless my unID is confirmed later!), but many are in nulls of closer stations.

    Note: Cancun is too long here, but available on video, with proof of monitoring location:

    True, these would be more "legit" if monitored in late June, buuuuuuuut......

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