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Thread: Honeymoon Island AM DX 10-24-2015

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    Default Honeymoon Island AM DX 10-24-2015

    Honeymoon Island is an island & park west of Dunedin, FL, along the Gulf of Mexico (Tampa Bay). The dial is, of course, more cluttered than at Levy Park, but still some goodies come up. 1210 was quite the surprise, and I think I could have easily caught it from Levy if I tried 1210.

    I might have even had WBOK 1230 New Orleans ("call me at 504-xxx-xxxx"), but WONN Lakeland was a tough null. Be that as it may, I tried 1230 again, and heard what should have been WBOK---I had no idea that WONN was briefly off, and then *pow* it came back.


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