I early woke up this morning and realized that getting back to sleep would be impossible, so I decided to take advantage of the morning Critical Hour. Critical hour DXing is fun, both because that's where you get the more exotic regional and local stations and because you don't have to stay up all night to do it.

Today, I mostly got some Iowa stations, a few others:
600 AM, WMT - Cedar Rapids, 5kW
On 640, I caught some NPR, I suspect WOI (5kW, Ames, IA), no positive ID.
730 AM, WJMT - Merrill, WI, 1kW. This one's a great catch, 360 miles away at 1kW. Sports, ads, partial call sign, followed by Merrill weather!
I heard an SS station on 810. Likely either WMJH (3.6kW, Rockford, MI) or WMGC (5kW Murfreesboro, TN).
870 AM, WTIM - Assumption, IL, 500 watts daytime! Assumption is between Decatur and Springfield. Ad for Miller Radio Group (with 7 media platforms!), followed by local talk, featuring the Taylorville school district's school lunch menu for the day. (How's that for small town radio?)
880 AM, WRFD - Columbus - Worthington, OH, 23kW. An unusual station. It's apparently a commercial station playing a combination of ag news and religious broadcasting. Heard TOH legal ID, as well as an ad for a holiday service of theirs where you could sponsor a gift to a child whose parent(s) is/are incarcerated, that mentioned the station's website.
1110 AM, KFAB - Omaha, NE, 50kW. Sports talk, mention of Omaha.

I got a late start, otherwise I would have gotten more from the east, as well. That said, if you want to hear truly unique stations while you DX instead of the same old cookie cutter stations, Critical Hour DX is definitely the way to go.