Strong tropo ducting brought interesting DTV DX here to Poughkeepsie Dec 4th, with strong stable signals from a limited number of stations. No new logs, but amazing signals noted from several stations. I have posted videos from the best catches on YouTube including:

WKYC 17/3 Cleveland
WEWS 15/5 Cleveland
WTAE 51/4 Pittsburgh
WKBS 46/47 Altoona, PA
WJAC 34/6 Johnstown, PA, o/local WMHT Schenectady.
KDKA 25/2 Pittsburgh

Also common WIVB 39/4 and WKBW 38/7 Buffalo were insanely strong, but no Canadians made it in.

Here is WTAE: (Others should all be posted by the end of the day. Go to my YouTube site to view.)