Dec 20 Au (BR)
1640 WCQM 98.3 WI Park Falls Packers football network //96.3
1649 WQLH 98.5 WI Green Bay Star 98, pop
1654 KNXR 97.5 MN Rochester Roch Tech & Comy Coll, 97-5 PulseFM
1937 WSPT 97.9 WI Stevens Point Calls
1940 WJMC 96.1 WI Rice Lake Packers football network //98.3
1953 WCOW 97.1 WI Sparta Packers football network // 98.3
1959 WMMA 93.9 WI Nekoosa Catholic programming
2006 KFMC 106.5 MN Fairmont Calls twice, BTO Taking Care of Biz
2026 WVCX 98.9 WI Tomah VCY America Worldwide, g
2030 WHWC 88.3 WI Menomonie Instrumental and vocal music //web
2200 KDNW 97.3 MN Duluth Life 97-3, keep inspired slogan, xmas mx
2256 KEEZ 99.1 MN Mankato Xalls, Z99, pop (prev Tr)

Decent enough signal quality. Caught using a Sangaen ATS909 portable with whip, which I find easy to manipulate for optimal signals for Au. One of the more prolific openings in recent years in terms of numbers of loggings, though the range was limited a bit. Bill Hepburn in ON did well on TV to northern Ontario, including one on 7, and also NS on 4. AM was a lot of fun, too. No audio clips here, as I do not record off my Sangean. I do have some unID French Au from the previous night on 98.3 that is recorded and as soon as I wade through tons of FM Ms I'll post that if it's any good.