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Thread: Is 1660 KTIQ Merced CA really Radio Anvictio?

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    Default Is 1660 KTIQ Merced CA really Radio Anvictio?

    ** U S A. The latest X-band list under NORTH AMERICA in DXLD 16-03, originating from Tony King, in New Zealand DX Times, besides putting CJRS on 1660 instead of 1650, as Terry Krueger points out, includes:

    KTIQ Merced CA SS. Slogan ‘Radio Anvictio’ [*** see discussion below]

    And I also find ``Anvictio`` on some other X-band listings --- are they copying each other? So I also post this to several MW DX groups:

    *** Anvictio is a very strange word, not Spanish, maybe Latin? It exists on the internet only in DX lists of X-band stations, for KTIQ. Also in the NRC AM Log. Search engines suggest it might have meant Invicta, and so do I. Maybe ``Anvictio`` results from someone`s original misheard log? calls it ``Al Centro De Avivamiento Amistad Cristiana``. Possibly it is a proper name or a made-up word KTIQ applies to itself. If anyone can hear the station clearly, or has a QSL in print, please enlighten us. Glenn Hauser

    Roundup of replies [posted to all the same lists, so everyone will get to see everything about this]:

    You can listen to their stream here.

    I heard them huge a few years ago via sunset skip (when E-W cx were much better than today's typical AU cx) and the slogan was "Radio Amistad Cristiana". 73 KAZ Barrington IL (Neil Kazaross, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    KAZ, tnx for the website, which radio-locator knows nothing about. No, I can`t, the listen link
    goes to Server Not Found.

    Certainly nothing about Anvictio on the site, but Amistad Cristiana (c) 2006 so could be quite outdated now (Glenn Hauser, ibid.)

    Here from their owner's site.
    (KAZ, ibid.)

    Not the owner, but an aggregator: still no Anvictio (gh, DXLD)

    Try the stream here.
    I can't listen at work (Kaz, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    That funxions on Flash, praise music and gospel-huxtering in Spanish. On that stream, live preacher runs way over 1700 UT Jan 26, pure insanity. Finally ID at 1708 ONLY for two FM stations, 93.7? and 103 something, Radio Amistad Cristiana, NOT Radio Bendición, not same ID as on Mauricio`s clip below. Is this really the same ``station``? Or program name vs station name? (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Glenn, I'm believing this is an old or inaccurate log. KTIQ-1660 seems to be streaming in SS as Radio Bendición out of Merced.

    Their Facebook page seems to be here:
    Se requiere un control de seguridad
    (Bill [who? `mediumwavedx`], ABDX via DXLD)

    The licensee of KTIQ is Mapleton Communications. A search in Tunein
    gives as result:

    and a search for "KTIQ":
    more links:
    So "Radio Bendición" seems to be the actual name.

    Yes, it is Radio Bendición. The attached clip contains somementions recorded at 1900Z.
    73! (Mauricio Molano, Salamanca, ESPAÑA - SPAIN
    RX site: Aldea del Cano, Cáceres.
    LAT: 39º17'09.70 N LONG: 6º19'00 W

    On his clip, clear IDs in English for: ``KTIQ, Merced, 1660-AM; K289CB, Los Baños, 105.7 FM; KEXA King City-Salinas, 93.9 FM`` and then some mentions of ``Radio Bendición`` (gh)

    0200 GMT January 23, ID for KTIQ and simulcast FM in Los Baños, but no mention of Anvictio. Before ID, at about 0150, ad for event on Broadway in nearby Atwater. Grundig g4000a, an200 loop (Steve Kamp, Sacramento CA, Sent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App, HCDX via DXLD)

    My original Google search on Anvictio also led to this X-band list containing it:
    but no doubt as a result of this discussion, it was updated Jan 22 replacing that with Radio Amistad Cristiana for KTIQ.

    This source as of Jan 28 still shows Anvictio eighth line from bottom:
    kHz Grp KOJE USA Update 28FEB2015 Source
    1660-1 KTIQ Merced CA Slogan to "Radio Anvictio." NRC
    (Glenn Hauser, UT Jan 29, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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    [a further reply:] Re: Is KTIQ 1660 Merced CA really Anvictio?

    Finding the correct stream was not easy, but KTIQ-1660 is Radio
    Bendición and also known as "Casa de Oración" or "The house of Prayer"
    It boggles the mind as to what is, or what was, "R. Anvictio".
    Methinks that someone must have misheard something. Many slogans as
    "La Voz que clama en el desierto"
    ``Radio Bendicion "La Voz Que Clama En El Desierto" Escuchanos Las 24
    Horas Del Dia Y Los 7 Dias De La Semana`` (Steven Wiseblood/AB5GP,
    Harlingen TEXAS, Jan 28, ABDX via DXLD)

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