Unfortunately, my camera batteries were charging and I could not get any pictures of my out-of-nowhere 575/660 mile tropo to St. Louis, MO and Springfield, MO nor the multitude of translators I received on Saturday morning, but later in the day, when trops from IA came in, I was at least able to get pictures of them.

Picture 1 is KFME-13, Fargo (232 miles) received today (08/08/2005) at 0057 CDT.

Picture 2 is KFXA-28, Cedar Rapids, IA (323 miles) received Saturday (08/07/2005) at 2125 CDT.

Picture 3 is KPWB-23, Ames, IA (347 miles) received Saturday (08/07/2005) at 1958.

Picture 4 is KRIN-32, Waterloo, IA (308 miles) received Saturday (08/07/2005) at 2158.

Pictures 5 is new logging WQOW-DT-18, Eau Claire, WI (142 miles) received Saturday (08/07/2005) at 0729. WQOW-DT has a MCP for 200 kW, which is rather low for the few DTV stations that I have received.