I logged two AM stations tonight, both new to my logs. Between 6:25-6:40 CST, I was hearing two different oldies stations coming through on 1000Khz. Difficult to tell one from the other at times, but I was able to finally ID them. One is WYBT Blountstown, FL, a 5000 KW daytimer. Though it was faint, I finally got a call letter ID, and was able to match songs I was hearing to their stream. Blountstown is in central time zone--barely.

I got a stronger signal in the same time frame, and finally got a good, solid ID as WRQR licensed to Paris, TN, 5000KW daytime, 2500KW critical hours. Both are new logs, and as best I can tell, about the only oldies stations on 1000KHz. Odd to me that I would catch these two particular stations as new logs, dueling one another to come in simultaneously!

edited to add that WYBT is 664 miles from me, WRQR is 282