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Thread: Cuba TV Sunday night

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    Default Cuba TV Sunday night


    Still hoping for some of that Gulf stuff---not here yet....but.....

    Sunday night/Mon morning netted me decent Cuba on Tropo---all Analog of course:

    3 Cubavision assumed
    5 Tele Rebelde assumed
    9 Cubavision assumed u/ my LD
    14 Canal Ed. 1 assumed
    15 Canal Ed. 2 Havana---strongest of them all
    16 color bars, CE 1 assumed
    26 Multivision assumed
    49 Canal Ed. 1
    52 Tele Rebelde, new from anywhere I have DXed
    56 Multivision
    66 Multivision

    See Got FM DX? for a link or two....


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    Tele Rebelde 52? Potential sites:

    Niceto Perez, Artemisa (tier I)
    Imías, Guantánamo (tier III)
    Minas, Pinar del Río (tier III)
    Corralillo, Villa Clara (tier II)

    The Corralillo site is near the coast, in the northwest of the province, and would be roughly 213 miles for tropo reception. Niceto Perez is about 291 miles away. I wouldn't suspect a tier III site unless I had good reason to.
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