And once again, with another season wrapping up, it's time for the season-ending poll. What is your opinion of the 2016 season, from excellent to awful?

I said poor. This was definitely not a good season whatsoever. My worst July in 7 years of FM DXing with less than 15 minutes the entire month. It wasn't the worst ever, due to a couple of nice openings early on, (especially 6/14, with almost an hour and a half of FM skip, 4 new logs and many relogs to CO/TX/NM etc), but most openings were extremely short in length and teasers. The 6-meter map had more activity than my FM radio! Also, zero FM Es openings here made it to 144 mhz.

In 2017, it would be great to have at least one 144mhz opening in this part of the nation. They are far and few between. Next year should be about length, not teasing us with a couple of low MUF fadeups.