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Thread: Mexican virtual channel assignments after VC-Day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymie View Post
    There are a few words in Spanish where depending on the gender, they have different meanings.
    Yeah, that could have been embarrassing I didn't realize all cats, regardless of gender, are gatos. Our friendly neighborhood stray cat is female, so I'd been in the habit of sticking my head out the door & asking, "Donde esta la gata?". Which usually resulted in the cat meowing once & walking into the house.

    It turns out la gata is a rather different type of female, one who expects to be paid in something more negotiable than cat food
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    The list should now be almost fully up to date

    Please let me know of any glaring omissions.

    Note that 6 is being left empty. I suspect this is in the event that IFT-6 creates a fourth national network. XETV has been allowed to keep 6, but no other 6s have been spotted in the wild. Rather, local stations are being pushed to 4, 8, 10 and 12. There are also a handful of locals on 9 in cities where Gala TV's presence will be elsewhere.

    Durango will have channels 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Now that's insane.
    Este programa es público, ajeno a cualquier partido político. Queda prohibido el uso para fines distintos a los establecidos en el programa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymie View Post
    That would actually be la capital.

    There are a few words in Spanish where depending on the gender, they have different meanings.

    "El capital" (masculine) is capital in the financial sense. "La capital" would refer to a capital city.
    Or a capitol city?

    In the days of telephone exchange names, Downtown Detroit had what are now 222-**** and 223-**** as CApital numbers and 224-**** as CApitol numbers.

    To this day, 222 and 223 are banks and media outlets, while 224 is police, fire, and courts.
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    Today: October 25, 2016.

    · XHTV-TDT start 4.2 as CJ Grand Shopping.
    · XEIMT-TDT on 22.2 with MPEG-4 video.

    · XHDF-TDT in 1.1
    · XEX-TDT in 5.1
    · XHATZ-TDT in 9.1


    · XHPTP-TDT change from Channel 41 to Channel 34.
    · XEIMT-TDT on 22.2 back to use MPEG-2 video.
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