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    Wanted to pass along my experience and some pictures of the Körner 9.2 antenna, which I just recently installed. My goal is to have dual Körner antennas in a phased arrangement, through a Bolin Phase box I've been using for a couple of years. Previously, I've had (2) 10 element antennas, an older Winegard 6065P (which is getting tired from 13 years outdoors) and an Innovantenna 10 element antenna (which I think is a fantastic antenna, but the pattern isn't anything to write home about).

    I purchased 2 of these antennas recently, which are available from Antennaland in Germany through fellow DXer and WTFDA'er Les Reyburn (username N1LF on this forum, see the e-mail to the WTFDA e-mail list for more details on purchasing). They arrived in an average-for-an-antenna sized box, well packed with a few sections of boom, 18 element sections and assorted hardware. Assembly took about an hour, but was straightforward with easy, graphical instructions.

    I am impressed with the quality of the materials. For those who have experienced Innovantennas, my non-scientific evaluation is that the "sturdiness" level is similar. It is a world above the build quality of Winegard, Antennacraft, Channel Master, etc. However, with that quality does come a couple of extra pounds versus the cheaper brands.

    For how much smaller than it is vs. the prior antenna, a Winegard (also pictured), performance is very impressive. Although this antenna isn't a "deep fringe" high gain monster, most of us, including myself, live in crowded RF environments where a sharp pattern is far more useful than gain. A handful of busy frequencies are much more workable and the pattern is as advertised (very good). For example, 98.5 WGIC is a 50kw station, 63 miles due east. The Körner can be turned to 150 degrees where WSB-FM in Atlanta (211 miles, 100kw) can be easily heard, and at 220 degrees, WZLQ in Tupelo, MS (200 miles, 100kw) is also very solid... neither of which are bothered by WGIC with the exception of aircraft scatter. This is a notable improvement over both 10 element beams which struggle with WGIC and similar stronger semi-locals. This has also come in handy with the translator situation, which will further improve with homogenous Körner antennas in a phased pair.

    Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions, and see attached for some pictures of the installation. I included a close-up photo, one with me holding the antenna for size perspective, the final installation, and the previous antenna (Winegard 6065P) for reference.

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    Bryce Foster - K4NBF (formerly KG6VSW)
    Hermitage, TN EM66

    Elad FDM-S2 SDR
    Sony XDR-F1HD

    Innovanntenna 10 Element FM beam (primary) @35 ft
    Winegard HD-6065 (phase) @25 ft with Bolin Phase Box
    Tennadyne T2 V/UHF log periodic @ 30 ft

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