Music on East Asian MW Stations (9 clips)

Unlike in other places (mainly the US), the AM dial in Asia is quite littered with music. In China, western pop is rare on AM (it's the opposite on FM) as they play more traditional Chinese opera. In Japan, hard rock and metal is very popular on AM as well as typical Japanese and western pop. In Korea, the national FM networks are all officially fed by AM stations, so the typical western and Korean pop mostly from the 60s onward is usual, anything from Hanson to Madonna and ABBA to Justin Bieber. In Taiwan, it's mostly Taiwanese and western pop, while in the DPRK, it's the one-sound-fits-all nationalist pop and symphonic tunes with live performances now and then. Here are a few clips of music on the East Asia AM dial, as heard from Seoul, Korea.

1278 RKB Mainichi Hoso JOFR-AM Fukuoka JAPAN, 50kw (331 mi.) playing "The NeverEnding Story" with Hebei News Radio (China) breaking in.

1332 Tokai Radio JOSF-AM Nagoya JAPAN, 50kw (576 mi.) breaking into Black Sabbath "Sweet Leaf" with some interference from 600kw local CRI adjacent on 1323.

1098 KBS 1 Radio HLCJ-AM Jinju KOREA, 20kw (174 mi.) playing Scorpions "Holiday" with Japan's OBS in back.

819 KCBS Pyongyang DPRK, 500kw (124 mi.) playing special live performances (cultural, non-nationalist in this case) during the daytime with the Seoul jammer with it, recorded away from that jammer at Port of Incheon (old Green Beach site of Incheon Landing).

1062 KBS 1 Radio HLKQ-AM Cheongju KOREA, 50kw (63 mi.) playing Foreigner "I Want To Know What Love Is" with local 250kw siren jammer on 1053 heard behind the song from 17 miles away.

585 Jiangsu Finance Radio Nanjing CHINA, 50kw (608 mi.) not playing Chinese opera but just flat out opera music in the late night hours. The signal is very poor compared to last year for some reason.

1557 Radio Taiwan Int'l I Love Music Kouhu Twp. TAIWAN, 300kw (1042 mi.) plays a variety of music from pop to rock to whatever else.

558 KBS 2 Radio Happy FM Daegu HLQH-AM Pohang KOREA, 250kw (178 mi.) playing "All That Jazz" and into Robert Palmer "Bad Case of Loving You".

1494 RSK Sanyo Broadcasting JOYR-AM Okayama JAPAN, 10kw (436 mi.) playing reggae tune ケツメイシ "はじまりの合図".