I got my hands on a new-in-box vintage Channel Master 7777 preamp from Chad Bryan...
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Up until I received it, I was using the commonly available RCA TVPRAMP1R with separate VHF and UHF inputs. I'm only 1 to 2 miles from several FM and DTV broadcast stations that overload the preamp unless I filter them out before the preamp. I use a couple Tin Lee filters to filter out the strong DTV blowtorches...
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I was doing a side-by-side comparison of these two preamps, and I definitely noticed improvement using the CM-7777 over the RCA. The CM-7777 will not overload nearly as easily. With the RCA, I had to use a full-band FM trap before the preamp or else VHF TV would be severely overloaded. With the CM-7777, I can use a selective FM notch filter before the preamp, and it won't overload like the RCA did. Here is the custom FM filter I use...
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This helps because I can now DX both FM and VHF TV at the same time using this preamp.

Another observation is that the noise is much less using the CM-7777. By comparing signal strengths on the HD Homerun tuner, the vacant channels look much cleaner. The CM-7777 provides way more amplification than what I needed, so I applied some attenuation after the preamp to help reduce possible distortion and lower noise. I determined that I needed to add about 11.5 dB of attenuation (in addition to the long coaxial cable) before I began to see decreases in the SNRs.

I'm much happier using the CM-7777. It's too bad it was discontinued.