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Thread: The Great Mystery antenna farm - Polo Magnetico, Barahona, Dominican Republic

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    Default The Great Mystery antenna farm - Polo Magnetico, Barahona, Dominican Republic

    How many towers can you count?

    This is the antenna farm located at Polo, Barahona in República Dominicana, which is in the southwestern part of the country. There are only a handful of antenna farms like this one in the RD, although there are a plethora of FM radio stations there. I just added a bunch more to the WTFDA FM database! I just read that the RD is the fastest growing country in the Caribbean and Santo Domingo (DN) is the largest city in all of the Caribbean.

    They say Polo is a mysterious place and that mysterious things happen there. Its one of those strange locations, which the Dominican's call El Polo Magnético (the magnetic pole). If a car is stopped at the right place, and put in neutral, the car seems to be rolling up the hill. This is a type of optical illusion known as a gravity hill, which is caused by the shape of the slope and appearance of the surrounding landscape.

    I scoured the topic sections on the Forums, trying to determine where to put this post. I wasn't sure where to put this post, with its picture. So it ends up here in the Chatroom. Anyway, its interesting the things you come across when doing research for the WTFDA FM database.
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    There's a, "gravity hill" in Hopewell Township, NJ at the base of a large hill, known locally as, "The Antenna Farm." (for several decades an Amateur Radio station was located on top of the hill)

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