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Thread: Receiving TV antenna HAAT curiosity

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    Go to this web site: . Then use the section titled "Calculate the great circle distance between two points"
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtvdxer View Post

    Out of curiosity, I ran a terrain profile to the NNE based on your co-ordinates shown in this thread. I used KNLJ (Jefferson City) as the northern end-point. Your location is at the left of this chart, and KNLJ is on the right side. I was very surprised not only to NOT see any ridge in your proximity, but also just how nice a spot you are in (terrain-wise) for DX to the NNE. By the way, KNLJ's antenna is over 1750 feet above sea level, and way beyond the top of this graph.
    KNLJ is a station I have NOT been able to receive yet. I have tried several times. You will notice terrain peaks out to about 20 miles and I *wonder* if they get in the way? I also have not been able to log KOMU 8 Columbia and KRCG 12/13 Jefferson City. All three of those stations are less than 130 miles distance. I just don't understand what is going on that direction that dx is so difficult.
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