My post about my FM DIY project is in the FM Antenna Forum, today I just DIY'd an AM loop antenna which didn't work as well as I expected but what I'm up against is in the other thread. I constructed a rectangular loop fastened to the outside wall of my home. 40' across the soffit & the ground, 10' sides from the ground to the soffit totaling 100' of 18 gauge speaker wire soldered to a 75/300 ohm matching transformer attached to 5' of 75 ohm RG59U attached to another matching transformer attached to the receivers antenna input spring terminals.

Total investment $18.00

The Sherwood using a small plastic loop indoor antenna that came with it could only receive one local AM station. Now the Sherwood receives 27 AM stations however only 3 stations come in clear enough to listen for any length of time, still learning & actually having fun too.