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Thread: UNID Native American music on 1000

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    Default UNID Native American music on 1000

    Tonight (2-9-17), on my way home I had 1000 on, with WMVP and a Spanish station in that later turned out to be XEOY. I got into Blaine and started hearing Native American music. I recorded what I could of it and posted it to sound cloud, but I'm coming up blank as to what it was.
    Someone on Facebook suggested it may be a part 15, but I was in a moving vehicle covering several miles, so I doubt it would be a pirate.

    You can hear the clip I recorded here plus me ID'ing XEOY via the stream at the end. The Native American stuff is all at the beginning.
    This was between 10:45 pm to 10:55 pm-ish and was recorded entirely in Blaine, MN while heading home.
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    I wouldn't rule out Latin America running Indigenous music. I hear the Cuban wobbler for sure. Have never heard anything like that on 1000. Will pay closer attention tonight and going forward for the week I'm at Burnt River ON (northeast of Toronto).
    Saul Chernos
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