I've bought a 5.1 surround system & need to clear up some space in the living room...

All prices are negotiable (but dangerously close to zero as it is!) and do *not* include shipping from Nashville 37209.

- Insignia NS-DXA1 DTV converter box. This is one of the standard coupon-eligible boxes. SD analog outputs only; RF on analog channels 3/4, baseband on RCA jacks. $10.
- Humax HFA100/US DTV tuner. This is the one sold for that system that ran in Utah for a few months with cable channels on encrypted subs of the OTA stations. It supports HD with HDMI, component, and VGA outputs, as well as SD on S-video and composite RCA jacks. Paired with a computer monitor it'd make a decent spare TV. When turned off, this unit continuously scans for new channels; you might come home from work some evening & find the Humax DXed four new ones while you were away The Insignia will DX a single channel while away but the Humax will DX all of them. $25.

Not a STB but I hope close enough:
- Hauppauge WinTV-D DTV tuner card for PC. This is their first-generation tuner card. I only have the card -- you'll have to download any drivers from the Hauppauge website. $5.

Definitely not a STB:
- Apex AD-1110W DVD player. Just a cheap DVD player with analog RCA and S-video outputs. $5.

Extremely long shot:
Anyone in Nashville want a FREE 19" CRT analog TV? It goes to the recycler tomorrow but if someone wants it I'll even deliver in Davidson and bordering counties. Working when removed from service in 2009.