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Thread: Should I Both With FM Broadcast While On A Caribbean Cruise?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cd637299 View Post
    Oh and by all means, don't forget those even-decimal FM frequencies! Although primarily Colombia stations, FMList now shows a few Venezuelans using even decimal frequencies.

    I would always question things like this. FMList relies on editors located in various places. Their listings are only as good as their editor, and the info their editor receives. They have an editor listed for VEN but not for COL. The WTFDA DB may not be perfect, but neither is FMList. Covering the world like FMList does could be a blessing, or it could be a curse.
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    I'd be skeptical of any even-decimal FMs.

    Then again, I'd never have believed you that there were once 93.2s, 89.6s and 88.4s in Mexico, but then I was proven way wrong.
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    Well true that Venezuela info can be iffy---but I can definitely testify hearing even-decimal Colombians!

    As in

    In 1983 long before I was in WTFDA, and before things were straightened out, there was also an 88.8 in Guatemala City, which I might have heard. I know it was my first gander at their Canal 3.

    I had contributed a little info to FMList, like the 100.3 Rebelde. Even Cuban FM info can depend on monitoring.


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