San Nicolás de los Garza is a small city that is part of the metropolitan area of Monterrey, Mexico.

I want to share the most important records (Greater than 200 Miles) that I have had in the last 3 years in the remote reception of digital TV signals by Tropo.

42/4-x WJXT, Jacksonville, Fl. (1,184.13 mi, 976Kw) 14-marzo-2016 22:00 hrs.
10/25-x WJXX Jacksonville, Fl. (1,184.13 mi, 29.5Kw) 15-marzo-2016 02:55 hrs.
7/7-x WJCT Jacksonville, Fl. (1,183.36 mi, 18Kw) 15-marzo-2016 02:55 hrs.
29/28-x WFTS Tampa, Fl. (1,120.15 mi, 1000Kw) 25-enero-2017 00:19 hrs.
27/27-x WTXL Tallahassee, Fl. (1,049.14 mi, 1000Kw) 15-marzo-2016 02:55 hrs.
15/18-x WECP Panama, Fl. (962.76 mi, 15Kw) 15-marzo-2016 02:29 hrs.
29/8-x WVUE New Orleans, Lo. (695.13 mi, 850Kw) 06-mayo-2014
26/26-x WGNO New Orleans, Lo. (695.034 mi, 1000Kw) 06-mayo-2014
15/38-x WNOL New Orleans, Lo. (695.034 mi, 775Kw) 06-mayo-2014
30/29-x KVHP Lake Charles, Lo. (516.98 mi, 1000Kw) 13-agosto-2016 00:13 hrs.
29/21-x KTXA Fort Worth, Tx. (511.67 mi, 1000Kw) 06-mayo-2014
50/3-1 KBTX Bryan, Tx. (422.28 mi, 1000Kw) 01-agosto-2016 08:29 hrs.
41/57-x KUBE Baytown, Tx. (394.15 mi, 1000Kw) 13-agosto-2016 00:40 hrs.
32/49-x KPXB Conroe, Tx. (394.15 mi, 1000Kw) 25-abril-2014
24/14-x KETH Houston, Tx. (394.15 mi, 1000Kw) 16-junio-2016 09:55 hrs.
49/54-x KNVA Austin, Tx. (351.99 mi, 500Kw) 10-agosto-2016 00:10 hrs.
33/24-x KVUE Austin, Tx. (351.49 mi, 1000Kw) 10-agosto-2016 01:20 hrs.
22/18-x KLRU Austin, Tx. (351.49 mi, 700Kw) 02-julio-2016 01:56 hrs.
18/17-x KNIC Blanco, Tx. (294.76 mi, 1000 Kw) 13-diciembre 10:25 krs.
15/25-x KAVU Victoria, Tx. (289.14 mi, 900Kw) 25-abril-2014
32/35-x KMYS Kerrville, Tx. (280.17 mi, 1000Kw) 06-may-2014
16/23-x KHCE San Antonio, Tx. (275.73 mi, 850Kw) 12-agosto-2016 07:18 hrs.
27/28-x KORO Corpus Christi, Tx. (213.85 mi, 1000Kw) 02-julio-2016 01:08 hrs.

Some other cities I have received digital TV by tropo are: Matamoros Tamaulipas Mx, Reynosa Tamaulipas Mx, Harlingen, Tx., Brownsville Tx., Weslaco Tx., Mc Allen, Tx. , Laredo, Tx. , Rio Grande, Tx.

Saludos Amigos !!