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Thread: Recent Trips to the beach

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    Default Recent Trips to the beach

    Highlights from Sandy Neck Beach, Sandwich- North side of Cape Cod- 3-21-17 Wellbrook 1530 LNP Loop- FDM-S2 - all times UTC

    153 Algeria at a good level
    171 Morocco good
    183 Germany Fair
    189 Iceland Fair
    198 BBC Fair
    216 France
    225 Poland fair
    234 Lux.
    252 Algeria
    Above in at fair to good level between tune in at 2230 to 0100 3-22

    595 Morocco 2358 Fair
    693 BBC UK Good at 2313
    774 Egypt T 2245 Sounded Arabic in fair to good - Later Spain on top with 6 pips at 2300.
    864 Egypt 2228 Fair with Koran, still in at 0100
    Other Unknown
    675 Woman and man talking, could be French.
    873 Sounded like Arabic singing.
    981 Maybe Algeria
    1062 Arabic? Like Koran Recitations.
    1512 Something here with weak audio and slop.

    South Cape Beach, Mashpee-South side of Cape Cod 3-29-17 Equipment as above- UTC times

    595 Morocco 2315 Fair with Arabic talk //612
    603 Spain 2300 Fair with pips into news //747
    612 Morocco 2315 Good at times, talk. //595
    621 Spain National 2246 Good w/slop same strength as 620 //855
    675 Unknown 2315 Fair with fast talking woman in unknown language. no // found
    702 Unknown 2315 Arabic chanting, Koranic Recitations slowly by a man. In fair.
    783 Mauritania 2232 Good with singing in Arabic.
    981 Algeria 2231 Good with slop. Trumpet solo into French talk.

    Many, many, more stations over the pond with most Spain as a Southern route the best as was lowband.

    My M.O. being go to Sandy Neck with a low A&K and head for the Mashpee beach with a high A&K.
    Sandy Neck Beach parking lot (upper lot) about 50ft above sea level.
    South Cape Beach, Mashpee at sea level but over 1/2 mile from any homes, nice and quiet for now.

    Roy Barstow - Falmouth, Mass.

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    Roy, glad to see these. We were @ Cape Cod in 2010 but I forgot to bring a loop with us; I think I missed out on a lotta DX. At least there was candlepins!


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