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    Spring cleaning on some winter FM meteor scatter unIDs. Any leads are greatly appreciated:

    96.1 - "Power Ninety..." and drops off. Feb 16 at 0630 EST. Could be WWPW Atlanta GA or KQPR Albert Lea MN - does the jingle sound familiar?

    97.5 - "The Power Morning Show" on Feb 17 at 0853 EST could be KJCK Junction City KS or CJKR Winnipeg MB. Does anyone recognize the voices?

    97.9 - ID sounds like "Magic 97.9" but I can also imagine it as "Classic 97.9". It's country. Not finding a listed slogan that comes close to matching... Heard March 16 at 1022 EDT.

    98.3 - "The River" slogan. Feb 15 at 2042 EST. Could be AR or NC. Anyone recognize the voice / liner?

    101.7 - Ad for Katie's / Katy's, a restaurant on Main Street. On March 14 at 1446 EST. Seems a long shot but does this register with anyone?

    101.9 - "Mix 101.9, What do you think the answer is?" Heard March 15 at 0921 EST. I'm asking much the same question. Is it WYMX Skokie IL, KRWK Fargo, or KMVX Monroe LA? I'm leaning towards KRWK because the slogan seems closest in terms of matching, and the station is somewhat of a Ms regular. But I'm hoping this sounds familiar to someone.

    With thanks,

    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON
    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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