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Thread: Repack Information Released

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    I've seen a few -D and -LD stations I've never been able to ID thanks to no PSIP data / no on-screen IDs... This just annoys the Hell out of me... If they're too lazy / stupid to ID their stations they shouldn't be on the air !

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    Dunno... If I were appointed a Commissioner (hint, hint ) one thing I'd look at was a significant relaxation of the legal ID regulation.

    Us DXers are about the only people who use the IDs.

    In the rare occasion a field engineer is dispatched to track down a lawbreaking station, they have direction finders & copies of the CDBS database -- they know darned well which station on 1530 is operating on day power at 2am long before they hear an ID. Complaints from the general public are rarely taken seriously - if one is egregious enough, the Commission won't have much trouble figuring out which station is involved.

    The other thing I'd do... is summarily dismiss any application that misspells the principal community:0 (City of License)
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