I lost 103.5 a few months ago to a new LPFM (KZTR-LP - Spanish Catholic). 88.9/104.5/106.1/106.9 were lost in 2015 to translators. The latter two have a good sized audience in Yakima - Big 106.1 CHR and 106.9 X-FM Alternative, however. 104.5 is // 1390 KBBO Fox Sports and 88.9 is // 90.1 KOLU Pasco 'Christian Family Radio'. I should be happy for all of the open channels I still have, and the location I live in. Seattle is full of LPFMs now and even some translators, 95.3 and 101.1 are gone in Snohomish County for example, thanks to KRKO/KKXA translators. Thankfully I still have lots of space to work with, including 95.1-96.5 - in fact 95.1 is completely open even with strong Tr. All of the 95.1's within 150 miles are rather low power. Visiting Ellensburg a few weeks ago, it's not bad either with lots of open channels and much easier phasing on Yakima stations due to Manastash Ridge. I took the 106.1 translator down to no signal!
Tri-Cities is a mess on the other hand. New LPFM on 105.7, tons of new AM translators in Walla Walla, another LPFM on 94.3, and lots of slop.

If I could go anywhere in the lower 48 to DX, I'd love to spend a week in eastern Montana where the FM dial is almost empty at times. Gotta love how Glasgow, MT has KLAN-93.5 and a couple of translators, a rimshot in Malta (KMMR-100.1) and a rimshot in Wolf Point (KVCK-92.7 which has been caught by several DXers on this forum). I do feel sorry for long-time DXers that have lost many channels the past couple of years. Just know how many big power bills are out there nowadays for LPFMs!