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Thread: FM Scan - Vantage, WA/Ginkgo Preserve 4/28/2017

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    Default FM Scan - Vantage, WA/Ginkgo Preserve 4/28/2017

    There must have been tropo, pure luck, or the Columbia River was an influence. I've never received more from eastern Oregon than I did today! Nothing counts in the logs because this is far east Kittitas County. I wish this was a Yakima scan! Taken today near the Ginkgo Petrified Forest, a few hundred feet above Vantage. Radio is a Radio Shack DX-402 with whip fully extended. Love the 150khz filter mod, without it I wouldn't be able to get several of the stations today. Grids were DN06AX and CN96XX.

    88.1 - KTCV Kennewick (Variety) 3.5KW 61mi / UNID with Spanish programming under KTCV. KYRS Medical Lake, or something in Oregon?
    88.3 - KMLW Moses Lake (Religion) 4kw 35mi
    88.5 - KLRF Milton-Freewater, OR (LifeTalk) 7.4KW 106mi
    88.7 - KDMB Moses Lake (Catholic) 4.6KW 35mi
    89.1 - KFAE Richland (Northwest Public Radio) 100KW 61mi (IBOC blocking 88.9 and 89.3)
    89.5 - Very faint KSOH Wapato (LifeTalk) 9.5KW 40mi / Very faint SSer, likely K208BY Moses Lake (Spanish Religion) 99W 36mi
    89.7 - KWWS Walla Walla (Northwest Public Radio) 3.2KW 109mi
    89.9 - KPLW Wenatchee (Positive Life Radio) 5KW 28mi
    90.1 - KOLU Pasco (Religion) 4.1KW 61mi
    90.3 - K212DB Moses Lake (// CSN KAWZ) 250W 35mi - Apparently flipped back to KAWZ, was relaying KTBI-810 Ephrata a couple years ago / very faint KNWY Yakima (Northwest Public Radio) 1.9KW 33mi / UNID NPR station running PRI program at 11:30AM PT. KTVR La Grande, OR or ???.
    90.5 - UNID Religious station, running pledge fundraiser with phone number of 800-877-5247. A call sign was given as "KN??". Not // KMBI. Will post clip soon.
    90.7 - KNWR Ellensburg (Northwest Public Radio) 5KW 26mi
    90.9 - KRBM Pendleton, OR (OPB) 25KW 107mi / K215AD Chelan (// KMBI-107.9) 75W 60mi
    91.1 - KPBX Spokane (NPR) 56KW 131mi / faint KYPL Yakima (Positive Life Radio) 26KW 33mi
    91.3 - KGTS Walla Walla (Positive Life Radio) 7KW 109mi
    91.5 - KLWS Moses Lake (Northwest Public Radio) 7.2KW 35mi
    91.7 - KBLD Kennewick (Religion) 1.8KW 61mi
    91.9 - KDNA Granger (Spanish) 18.5KW 37mi / KPBW Brewster (NPR) 1KW 77mi
    92.1 - KUMA-FM Pilot Rock, OR (Classic Hits) 6.9KW 118mi
    92.3 - KZUS Ephrata (Regional Mexican) 26KW 32mi
    92.5 - KZHR Dayton (Regional Mexican) 54KW 108mi
    92.7 - KNCW Omak (Country) 4.1KW 101mi
    92.9 - K225CJ Walla Walla (// KGDC-1320) 115W 109mi - very strong at times / KDBL Toppenish (Country) 17KW 37mi / KZZU Spokane (Hot AC) 81KW 131mi
    93.1 - K226AK Ephrata (// KFAE-89.1) 41W 32mi (Horrific 60hz humming on audio!)
    93.3 - KRKL Walla Walla (K-LOVE) 42KW 109mi
    93.5 - KOZI Chelan (Adult Contemporary) 600W 70mi
    93.7 - KQFM Hermiston (Adult Contemporary) 5.3KW 86mi / KDRK Spokane (Country) 60KW 131mi
    93.9 - KTAC Ephrata 18KW 32mi
    94.1 - KXIX Sunriver, OR (briefly with 'That's What I Like' Bruno Mars) 18.5KW 211mi / KMPS Seattle (Country) 69KW 100mi / UNID Religious, likely KBXL Boise, ID at 290 miles
    94.3 - KSAE-LP Kennewick (Spanish Religion) 100W 61mil
    94.5 - KATS Yakima (Rock) 100KW 40mi / K233CJ College Place (Fox Sports) 250W 109mi / KHTQ Hayden, ID 83KW 149mi
    94.7 - KZAL Manson (Country) 10.3KW 63mi
    94.9 - KIOK Pasco (Country) 100KW 61mi
    95.3 - K237DP Kennewick (// KLKY-96.1) 34W 61mi (No sign of KXLE!)
    95.7 - KKSR Walla Walla (Adult Contemporary) 94KW 109mi
    95.9 - KZML Quincy (Regional Mexican) 11KW 25mi
    96.1 - KLKY Stanfield, OR (Classic Rock) 8.5KW 91mi
    96.3 - KRCW Royal City (Regional Mexican) 19.5KW 13mi
    96.5 - K243CK Pendleton, OR (// KUMA-1290) 250W 107mi / KJAQ Seattle (Adult Hits) 49KW 100mi
    96.7 - KWWW Quincy (Top 40) 440W 22mi
    97.1 - KXRX Walla Walla (Rock) 100KW 109mi
    97.5 - KOLW Basin City (Top 40) 50KW 58mi
    97.9 - KZTB Milton-Freewater, OR (Regional Mexican) 100KW 106mi
    98.3 - KEYW Pasco (Hot AC) 50KW 61mi
    98.5 - KEYG Grand Coulee (Classic Rock) 100KW 81mi
    98.7 - KMNA Mabton (Regional Mexican) 11.5KW 53mi / KUBQ La Grande, OR (Rock) 2.25KW 159mi - Very poor increasing to fair with elevation gain. La Grande's in a bowl between mountains. Signal had to cross through Saddle Mountain, then the Blue Mountains and Meacham to reach me! Very impressive!
    98.9 - KKZX Spokane (Classic Rock) 100KW 131mi
    99.1 - KUJ-FM Burbank (Top 40) 52KW 61mi
    99.3 - KDRM Moses Lake (Hot AC) 3KW 32mi
    99.5 - KZLY Ione, OR (Regional Mexican) 1.8KW 103mi
    99.7 - K259CT Milton-Freewater, OR (// KTEL-1490) 170W 105mi / KHHK Yakima (Rhythmic Contemporary) 4.1KW 33mi
    99.9 - KXLY-FM Spokane (Country) 37kw 131mi / KWRL La Grande, OR (Adult Contemporary) 25KW 167mi
    100.1 - KQFO Pasco (Bob FM) 8KW 61mi
    100.3 - KKRZ Portland, OR (Top 40) 95KW 165mi
    100.5 - KWIQ Moses Lake (Country) 50KW 32mi
    100.7 - KHSS Athena, OR (Catholic Religion) 6.3KW 108mi
    100.9 - KARY Grandview (Classic Hits) 7.8KW 33mi
    101.1 - K266AZ Ephrata (// KPLW-89.9) 60W 32mi / KEYF Cheney (Classic Hits) 100KW 132mi / KOHO Leavenworth (Adult Contemporary) 930W 53mi
    101.3 - KGDN Pasco (Religion) 2.75KW 61mi / K267AX Brewster (// KCSY-106.3 Sunny FM) 10W 77mi!
    101.7 - KLES Prosser (Regional Mexican) 3.5KW 55mi
    101.9 - KZIU Weston, OR (Classic Country) 13.4KW 110mi
    102.1 - KPQ-FM Wenatchee (Classic Rock) 35KW 25mi
    102.3 - K272ED Kennewick (Smooth Jazz) 38W 61mi / KHKF Island City, OR (Classic Country 'Hank FM', new to air) 900W 159mi! Strong signal at times. Was thinking KICR Coeur D'Alene flipped formats from K-102 Country, based on the Spokane FMs. I was very surprised on the impressive signal of this one. Best La Grande signal by far, overpowering Kennewick with the turn of the antenna.
    102.5 - KZOK Seattle (Classic Rock) 68KW 100mi
    102.7 - KORD Richland (Country) 100KW 61mi
    102.9 - UNID Country station briefly, likely KSJJ Bend OR, would have been over 200 miles
    103.1 - K276EU Kennewick (K-LOVE) 15W 61mi / faint parallel so KYKV Selah, 5.4KW 32mi / K276GF Pendleton, OR (// KTIX-1240) 190W 108mi - was thinking this was the even-farther KVBL Union OR at first, but Dan Patrick's affiliates showed no sign of KVBL. So it's K276GF, parallel to 1240 KTIX Pendleton.
    103.3 - KWLN Wilson Creek (Regional Mexican) 25KW 51mi
    103.5 - KWHT Pendleton, OR (Country) 100KW 109mi
    103.9 - K280GI Richland (// KGTS-91.3) 155W 61mi
    104.1 - KXDD Yakima (Country) 100KW 33mi / possibly a second, even fainter signal under KXDD, but could have been my imagination. KXDD was very weak already.
    104.3 - K282AA Kennewick (// KMBI-107.9) 274W 61mi
    104.7 - KKRV Wenatchee (Country) 6.5KW 28mi / possibly KCMB La Grande (Country) under KKRV, but couldn't get confirmation. Would have been 100KW 159mi
    104.9 - K285FN Kennewick (Exitos 104.9) 250W 61mi / UNID with CHR/Top 40 and English female DJ, no ID and faded away within a minute. Did not have the 'meteor scatter' sound to it. Maybe KUBE Eatonville, format/calls ex-93.3 Seattle?
    105.3 - KONA-FM Pasco (Adult Contemporary) 100KW 61mi
    105.7 - KDIL-LP Kennewick (Spanish Catholic) 8W 61mi!! Very impressed with this one, being such low power. / KRSE Yakima (Classic Rock) 100kw 33mi / tentative KZBD Spokane (Top 40) 100KW 131mi
    105.9 - KRJT Elgin, OR (Classic Hits) 115W 147mi!! Best log of the day! Have a full TOH ID recorded. / UNID with conservative talk show, gave phone number but haven't listened to it again. I don't see any AM xlators on 105.9 in the NW.
    106.1 - K291BS Richland (Classic Hits // KALE-960) 250W 61mi / KZFN Moscow, ID (Top 40) 62KW 143mi
    106.3 - KLOO Corvallis, OR (Classic Rock) 100KW 228mi, briefly and only possible match with no Es.
    106.5 - KEGX Richland (Classic Hits) 100KW 61mi
    106.7 - KKWN Cashmere (News/Talk) 6KW 44mi
    106.9 - K295AV Walla Walla (106.9 the Oasis) 240W 101mi
    107.3 - KFFM Yakima (Top 40) 100KW 33mi / K297BE Kennewick (// KWCQ-106.1 The Beat) 50W 61mi
    107.7 - KWVN Pendleton, OR (Top 40) 72KW 109mi
    107.9 - KMBI-FM Spokane 64KW 132mi
    FM/AM/SW DXer of Yakima, WA! God Bless America!

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