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Thread: Costa Rica FM updated in WTFDA FM database

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    In 2009 the University of San Carlos in Cd. Guatemala's communications department released a report on life in Costa Rica, which included a study on radio in Costa Rica. The paper, titled "Hacia la Sociedad de la Información y el Conocimiento en Costa Rica, 2009" was released as a PDF and can be found through a Google search. In the paper, they have a complete study and findings of AM & FM radio in Costa Rica - Capitulo 9 LA RADIODIFUSIÓN EN COSTA RICA. This is pages 271-300. For the sake of not having to chase this down on the internet, for anyone following this thread, I have uploaded the PDF of that chapter. It is in Spanish, so get out your dictionary if you are not fluent in the language.

    On page 280 of that document, they list ALL of the radio stations that were operating under the program with the Instituto Costarricense de Enseñanza Radiofónica (ICER). As Raymie mentions, I find very little about ICER anymore. At one time, they had a full-blown website. This was around 2010-2011. I wonder if they have disbanded (perhaps lack of money?). I have noticed three or four of their radio stations have disappeared also.

    In 2009, they listed 20 AM & FM stations in their program. Many of these had both AM & FM frequencies. On FM, almost all of them were assigned to operate with 100 watts each.

    -Radio Cultural Chachagua
    -Radio Cultural Los Chiles
    -Radio Cultural Pital
    -Radio Sistema Cultural Maleku
    -Radio Cultural Upala
    -Radio Cultural Turrialba
    -Radio Cultural Chirripó
    -Radio Sistema Cultural La Cruz
    -Radio Sistema Cultural Nicoyano
    -Radio Cultural Tilarán
    -Radio Cultural San Gabriel
    -Radio Cultural Los Santos
    -Radio Cultural de Santiago
    -Radio La Voz de Talamanca
    -Radio Cultural Puerto Viejo
    -Radio Cultural Telire

    -Radio Cultural de Boruca
    -Radio Cultural de Telire

    I have also included the PDF from 2004 from Costa Rica's CNR (license & broadcast authority), which is a copy of the original license to this entire network of radio stations. It covers ALL of the AM & FM stations in the ICER network. As Raymie pondered if Radio Chirripó is actually broadcasting over the air anymore, that leaves one to wonder. Through this research it *appears* the network of stations assembled by ICER is falling apart. IF ICER is gone, then those radio stations would be lacking the leadership of the program that started them. But something in me tell's me Radio Chirripó is still on the air. I sent them an email to inquire about their broadcast status, but haven't heard from them yet.
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    Hi Jim:

    I just saw your post reprinted in the latest bulletin. As others have said, most of the audio is made up of ads, and the ID doesn't contain any location information. It's fun hearing the addresses given in the ads. Costa Rica doesn't really use street numbers. Everything is "300 meters west of the fire station," or "next to the Banco Central" or whatever works as a description.

    We had the pleasure of living in Costa Rica for a 9-month stretch 27 years ago (I can't believe it's been that long!) while learning Spanish in preparation for HCJB in Ecuador. Lisa and I had been married only a year and it was like a second honeymoon! Friendliest place on the planet. I visited quite a few radio stations and have a number of recordings of FM and AM stations. We visited the peak of Irazu, where, on a clear day, one can see both the Pacific and the "Atlantic" (really, the Caribbean). The day we were there, we could barely see each other. But we got some tee shirts and postcards.

    One of the ads on your recording uses "Vestido Rojo" for background music. That was a big hit while we were there. Funny to hear it! And then there's the Rick Astley music. Maybe it's an oldies station?

    Anyway, sorry not to be of much help, but thanks for the great memories!!


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