I had very high hopes for the sony, and I know it is an amazing radio, I've gotten lots of new logs just with an indoor wire antenna hooked up to it but I know the true potential of it is to hook it up to a yagi, so I just hooked up my sony to my yagi but I have worse performance with the yagi than with the indoor wire! If I go and hold the co-ax signals go up a bit but I should be getting some of these in HD, stations are 94.5 WKTI Milwaukee @65mi, 101.1 WKQX Chicago and usually WIXX Green Bay, 95.5 is a translator 35mi away, 94.9 WOLX is a local @60mi that I can get in HD with the wire and WDKB is heard in their null. The yagi worked perfectly with my portable radio. Any help is appreciated.