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Thread: How to identify if a station is an FM Translator.

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    Default How to identify if a station is an FM Translator.

    Hi all,

    Newbie question:

    How does one identify if a station is an FM Translator or a "normal" station?



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    It's a translator if it's on the "wrong" frequency.

    That's a bit simplistic but probably the easiest way to explain it. A translator serves to rebroadcast the signal of a "normal"* station on a different frequency. For example, translator W296DE 107.1 rebroadcasts WCRT AM 1160. So if you hear a WCRT ID or other material the tells you you're listening to WCRT -- but your radio is tuned to 107.1 -- you know you're listening to a translator.

    * The FCC's term is "primary" station.

    (it is also possible to have a "booster" which rebroadcasts on the *same* frequency. It's very difficult to build a booster that won't interfere with the station it's relaying, so there aren't many of them!)
    Doug Smith W9WI
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