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Thread: I've noticed that can't I can't hear places across Lake Michigan often. Why?

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    Default I've noticed that can't I can't hear places across Lake Michigan often. Why?

    Ever since I started DXing I noticed that I don't hear stations from across Lake Michigan as often as other stations, and that has really shown, I have only logged 19 stations from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and Indiana, even though it's around 150mi across the lake. At night some times I get overall enhancement, (night is commonly when I get new logs) when stations from places like Green Bay (129mi), Quad Cities / Dubuque (110mi / 92mi), Chicago (90mi), and Milwaukee which is semi-local. I can also less commonly hear Peoria (142mi), Cedar Rapids / Waterloo (140mi / 165mi), Champaign (181mi), and Wausau (157mi) during night enhancement. WBCT / WSRW are 175mi away from me, so I'd assume Michigan would be heard at night, but I usually hear Michigan via Tr S, tropo is also a bit more rare than in another direction, as is places to my north or north west which have terrain in the way. This is the elevation from me to WBCT. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	elevation1.JPG 
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ID:	20456 This is from me to Green Bay (WIXX). Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	20457 This is what I would consider my common local night enhancement zone and, where I can hear via tropo at least 3 times a year, almost all my non es logs are shown. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	20455 I think that the temp difference on the lake kills the night enhancement, and tropo. Though at the the same time I do have the Kettle Moraine in my way and, Lake Effect is extremely strong and common near the lake.
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    That's certainly interesting and I think probably results from terrain.

    I grew up in eastern Waukesha County. (roughly 50 miles northeast of Janesville) Cross-lake reception was extremely strong; with the small VHF antenna in my parents' attic we could watch programs on WOOD-TV Grand Rapids most mornings. (at the time, poor adjacent-channel selectivity made it difficult to see WKZO channel 3 while WTMJ was on the air, or WZZM channel 13 while WISN was on. On the other hand, being on Eastern Time, the Michigan stations signed on an hour before the Milwaukee stations did so if one woke up early enough channels 3 and 13 came in pretty well most summer mornings as well.) (yes, I'm old enough to remember a time when TV stations turned their transmitters off for a few hours overnight.) WBCT is still essentially a local at Mom's place; 105.7 would be as well if not for that megatranslator of WSSP 1250. Likewise 106.9 Muskegon before the local in Brookfield signed on. I would have to question the sanity of the person who decided it was a good idea to move the Sheboygan station from 97.7 to 93.7

    When I moved to Madison, a lot of that vanished. It would be very wrong to say I *never* saw WOOD-TV or heard WBCT, but they ceased to be the semi-locals they were in Waukesha County.
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