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Thread: How To Log Additional Stations on Local Frequencies

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    Default How To Log Additional Stations on Local Frequencies

    This may seem like a silly question--but keep in mind that I'm new to FM DXing.

    How does one go about logging additional stations on channels where you have strong local stations? I've already invested in the most narrow-patten antenna I can find--and spent lots of time twirling the dial looking for dead spots where tropo stations can peak through. That's worked on several frequencies. On others, I've driven around in my car listening to locals--looking for dead spots in local topography where other stations have a chance to sneak in.

    Despite this, I still have a dozen or so channels with only one logging.

    Obviously, being alert to these stations being off the air for maintenance is one way. But are there things I can do to attack the problem in other ways?


    Les Rayburn, N1LF

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    You can't

    There is no frequency on which I've logged only one station, but there are seven where I've only logged two, one of them local. I think most of that is because I've been at it for 20+ years at this location. You will have maintenance opportunities in that time. I will say, the second stations I've logged on these frequencies are not particularly good DX. They're usually the nearest high-powered station on the channel.

    Use a HD radio. In a recent Denver opening I landed three Colorado stations over locals. The HD sidebands "straddle" the analog signals, so the HD will come in even if it's weaker than the local analog signal.
    Doug Smith W9WI
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    Definitely echo Doug's input on the HD Radio angle, as even the strongest analog-only locals will be easily "overcome" with a distant IBOC decode, since the IBOC carriers are on adjacent frequencies which are more clear. Nashville and Atlanta locals align pretty closely and I've logged a few Atlanta stations over my analog-only locals this way.

    Even as, like you, I DX primarily with an SDR, if I'm working the opening live, it's easy to see sidebands pop up around an analog local during openings, at which point I swivel over to my Sony receiver and give that frequency a try.

    Oh... and I should also mention phasing. That's another way I've been able to log stations on tough frequencies... albiet not against my 100kw / LOS locals, but it does make a big difference on translators and stout semi-locals.
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