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Thread: Alabama DTV - new log in Poughkeepsie

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    Default Alabama DTV - new log in Poughkeepsie

    June 11 here in Poughkeepsie was a day-long E-skip tease, with Es Clouds generally too close and/or too weak (low MUF), with occasional spikes of DX. However, I added my first DTV log of 2017, with WVUA-6 Tuscaloosa, AL, actually located at Birmingham. This is DTV #287 since starting in 2009, DTV E-skip #17, and Alabama is DTV State #24 by City of License, State #22 by transmitter location. As the video below shows, reception was very brief, but long enough to count. Note the "23" logo in the Lower Right. This was around 6:15pm.
    This makes E-skip DTV #8 this Spring. This may turn out to be a good year for DTV Es. I started in 2010, and if I recall 2010, 2011 & 2012 were quite good years, while 2013-2016 were all lacking. Time for a good year!
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