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    Hello friends !

    I have a DX project , and I need some advices. This July I am travelling from Spain to Finland .. I was really excited because I was targeting a small border town , only 6km away from Russia (As 2017 Russia broadcasts nationwide analog SECAM ) I even bought an Analog USB TV Stick and a indoor tv antenna from Poundland . Too bad my final destination will be Nothernwest Finland (closest Russian soil will be ~700km away)
    Main channels are in VHF band 1 and 2.

    Do I have any chance to pick a channel being more than 700 km away? When I was a Kid , I used to receive Algerian TV during the summer , so I don't really know how possible this is.

    Best regards , guys .. let me know what you think

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    Looking at YouTube it appears Band I analog TV is still on the air in Russia. Sporadic-E propagation is possible on Band I.

    This is the same way you received the Algerian stations years ago. This propagation mode works only on Band I# and favors distances around 1200-1600km. (700km is actually *too close* although during intense openings, it's possible) It's also seasonal; the peak of the season is right now. (but openings will still be possible through July)

    # Sporadic-E has happened in Band III but it is EXTREMELY rare.
    Doug Smith W9WI
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