This remote DTV DX site was connected to Rabbitears Sunday, June 4, 2017. Mike G. and I are starting to get the needed equipment rounded up and Mike will be putting all the pieces together. Once all equipment is set up, it will be remote controlled like the setup in Milford, IL. Thanks to Mike, this is all possible. I could never do this project without Mike.

Payson, IL is a small town near Quincy, IL and Hannibal, MO and is right at 200 miles west of the Milford, IL site. Payson sits on the edge of the Mississippi River valley and has a great view of the area to the south and southwest. Reception has always been good from this spot so it was a perfect location for setting up another autologger for Rabbitears.

In just over two weeks, the setup has scanned and logged 117 DTV stations as far as 526 miles to Jackson, MS with WDBD 40/40. The SiliconDust HDHR-US tuner is currently using one tuner, tuner 0, and is connected to an Antennas Direct XG91 antenna @ 18 ft. AGL with an old-style Channel Master 7777 preamp.

Disclaimer: Prior to connecting the setup in Payson, I ran a test trial by connecting to Rabbitears while in Indianapolis. It worked fine, but I forgot that the Indy stations received on that day, June 1, were logged by Rabbitears but were not received in Payson. So if reviewing the stations received, please ignore any Indy area stations received on 6-1-17. All stations listed after that date were received in Payson.

Two new DTV stations were received this morning: KAUT 40/43 & KSBI 23/52, Oklahoma City, OK @ 448 miles.

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