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Thread: 190 mile Atlantic tropo with an indoor antenna

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    Default 190 mile Atlantic tropo with an indoor antenna

    Staying in Fernandina Beach, FL and I was quite suprised to recieve the big four networks from Charleston, SC which is a distance of over 190miles. I got WTAT FOX, WCIV ABC, WCSC CBS, and WCBD NBC. WTAT has the hardest time coming in because it is RF channel 24 and the local Ion station in Jacksonville is on RF 24.

    I hope this tropo is normal because I am not used to this tropo down here in FL because I live in New England. I also have high hopes for the future since I got this Dx using the default Happauge antenna without a really good one that is worth more.

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    Wife and I stayed at Fernandina a couple of years ago in winter, and AM DX wasn't bad!

    I don't live there, so I can't say if Tropo like that is an everyday occurrence. You can consult this real-time map, though, to see what is going on:

    One thing you have in Boston, if not DX: candlepin bowling!


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