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Thread: 93.5 Es UNID - KNZZ translator?

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    Default 93.5 Es UNID - KNZZ translator?

    During the June 30 Es opening, I received a station IDing at 12:59 CT as "In defense of liberty - Newsradio 1100 [fade] on FM 92.7." That slogan belongs to KNZZ in Grand Junction, CO. However, this was on 93.5.

    A few minutes prior to the ID, the Rush Limbaugh show with guest host Mark Belling was popping through occasionally. That matches KNZZ's schedule but could've been tropo from KOOK in Junction, TX.

    15 seconds after the ID, a news spot came up featuring brief interviews with the Ruidoso fire chief and forestry supervisor, who discussed fireworks, fire safety and out-of-towners coming in. The station then faded, and there was nothing except for brief, weak snatches of classic country. About eight minutes later, KTND, "Thunder 93.5" in Aspen, started coming in.

    Does KNZZ have another translator on 93.5? I've checked the WTFDA database and all over the web, and I can't find any trace of one. Could the news spot have been a different station altogether? Ruidoso does have KWES on 93.5.

    Here's a clip of the reception:


    Many thanks.

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    Run with me on this, or, bear with me on this line of thought.....

    KNZZ is owned by MBC Grand Broadcasting. There's a translator on 93.5 in Montrose CO, K228EV. Montrose CO is 60 miles from Grand Junction.

    K228EV recently had a CP granted to increase their power to 250 watts. K228EV is shown to relay KMGJ 93.1 Grand Junction, which is also owned by MBC Grand Broadcasting.

    Here are the radio properties owned by MBC Grand Broadcasting....,%20INC.

    It is quite possible that K228EV was carrying the broadcast content in whole or part of KNZZ 1100 AM at the time you received that signal. There is contact information on the K228EV page (noted link) that you could inquire to find out if this was the case. AND - IF K228EV does carry KMGJ 24/7, then its possible that KMGJ was running a promo for their sister station. Just some ideas to throw out there....

    ***An added thought regarding the information about Ruidoso - Ruidoso is MORE than an 8 hour drive away from Grand Junction, so there couldn't be any connection with the Grand Junction station. I would say you were actually hearing KWES briefly.
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    I heard KNZZ tonight on 1100khz and they mentioned '93.5 in Montrose' in their ID. And here's the proof:

    I think you should log it as K228EV Montrose, CO; 250 watts.
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