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Thread: 5-20-17 92.7 FL? Es UNIDs

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    Default 5-20-17 92.7 FL? Es UNIDs

    During an unattended recording on May 20, I received two brief station IDs on 92.7 that I'm unable to figure out. The receptions took place around 8 p.m. CT. During that time there was an e-skip opening from San Antonio to Florida, and I received WEOW in Key West. Also, according to the TV FM Skip Log Lookback, Christopher in Florida was receiving stations in east and central Texas at the time.

    The first station IDed at 7:58 p.m. as "92.7 FM and 1240 AM" with some unintelligible words at the end. There was only brief and very weak talk before the ID, and there was nothing for quite a while after it. Here's a link to a 17-second recording:

    The second ID, at 8:21, was even briefer. It sounds like "The Rule from WKOV." I'm sure of the WK, but the third letter could be L and the fourth could be B or P. Here's a link to an 11-second recording:

    I thought maybe these were Florida stations since WEOW was popping up every now and then both before and after the IDs; however, I'm not seeing any good matches in the WTFDA database. There is a W224DJ on 92.7 that's listed as translator for 1240 WMMB, but surely the station wouldn't ID with the 92.7 first in the ID.

    Thanks for the ID help.

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    Oh? It wouldn't surprise me a bit for one of these AM Revitalization stations to announce the FM freq. first. It wouldn't surprise me if you had WMMB 1240's FM there.

    WFLF AM 540, serving Orlando with 50k day and night, goes by "102.5" I'd say consistently. One time I heard, a woman threw in "....we're still on AM at 540." Nice to know (rolling eyes). Add to that, they only say "WFLF" at top of the hour; they call themselves "WFLA" like their sister station in Tampa which really *is* WFLA. There is also WFLA-FM 94.5 Parker FL (Panama City) with a similar news/talk outfit.

    Now that I have cleared the air....or clouded it....


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