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Thread: Little bit of DX the other day

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    Default Little bit of DX the other day

    So Thursday Night I noticed all my locals were either at low signal or non existent. I'm about 28 miles from the Minneapolis towers (I've moved since I posted DX a couple years ago....I'm in a Mpls suburb in a 2nd story apartment. I have a couple antennas bolted to the deck railing) and all the low powered stations were kaput. So did some scanning and pulled in some distant stations. Now I know some folks would be like "pfft thats nothing" but when you live in an apartment in the cities anything above your local stations is a gain

    -First one that popped in was WLEF RF36 (PSIP same) PBS in Park Falls WI (180 miles). Crazy as KAAL Austin/Albert Lea, MN is also on RF36 and I usually ping that
    -Got KEYC RF12 (PSIP same) in Mankato, MN. I can usually grab this as its 72 miles away but what made it weird is I picked it up on my simple 2 bay UHF antenna (that is facing NE...KEYC is SW)
    -Was able to grab KAWB RF28 PSIP 22 in Brainerd, MN (PBS) 119 miles away. This is the PBS that I watch at the lake house so it was nice to see it again. This one stayed up for a good 90 minutes.
    -Also got KDLH RF33 PSIP 3 which is now CW. Whats nuts is there is a LP station 20 miles away and KDLH just squashed it at 155 miles
    -Picked up I assume KESD RF8 same PSIP in Brookings, SD 181 miles. Its a PBS and there is also a RF8 in Martin (Rapid City) also PBS. Since SDPBS is state wide (and they PSIP the stations the same) I'll assume its Brookings. What makes it odd is I picked it up on a UHF only antenna
    -I did grab KCCO in Alexandria, MN RF7 (96 miles) on a VHF antenna. Its a satellite of my local WCCO CBS. Next year (1/23/18) they turn in their license (yes CBS actually sold the station..they will channel share)

    I'm just confused as to why I could get 2 VHF signals on a UHF antenna easier than on a VHF (couldnt get KEYC or KESD on the VHF real well)

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