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Thread: KRBK 49 signal issues

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    I will mention something otherwise absent from this discussion. If the signal is staying consistent when these drops are happening, it could be at the station end. To the best of my knowledge, the KRBK transmitters are all fed via C-band satellite. So it's possible they're having satellite signal issues and it's showing up over the air.

    Not highly likely, but possible.

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    KRBK signal was at it again a couple days ago. Keep in mind I am only 11 miles from the Springfield tower. This was with the outdoor antenna pointed directly at their tower. I recorded this with my iPhone (.mov), then converted it to wmv format. Video runs a bit over half a minute. You can see what the signal is doing, no explanation needed.

    I sent an email to the KRBK engineers last week about this and no one has bothered to reply to me.

    I will mention there was a weather alert crawl running at the time I recorded this, BUT that wasn't the issue. KRBK's signal will do this at random times throughout the day (evenings are the worst) when it is perfectly good weather. Anyone have an idea what's going on here? I can't believe its a satellite signal issue, with the terrestrial signal bouncing like that.
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