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Thread: WNAH eclipse propagation test

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    Default WNAH eclipse propagation test

    This may be the right place to share this recording which I made in Nashville, TN during the eclipse:

    A number of listeners made spectrum captures of the AM band and when going through their recordings were able to pick the signal out from quite a few miles away.


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    Well. Haven't heard a DX Test in a long time

    I'm gradually working through my spectrum recordings. (working by frequency, I've made it up to 890) I'm sure this will show up when I reach 1360, as WNAH is only 25 miles away.

    So far all four of the big Chicago 50kw stations have made it through, as well as the 5kw station on 820.
    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View, TN EM66

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