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Thread: ClearStream TV Over-The-Air Television Digital Tuner

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    Default ClearStream TV Over-The-Air Television Digital Tuner

    I was in a Best Buy this afternoon and I noticed the ClearStream TV Over-The-Air Televison Digital Tuner on the shelf. I suspect that it is a new device. Does anybody here have one yet? If so, how well does it perform?

    Antennas Direct | ClearStream TV™ Over-The-Air Television Digital Tuner

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    Reading the reviews on the Walmart site the tuner is either horrible or great - Don't know if that is a problem with quality control or if the reviews simply can't be believed. I lean towards believing the later.

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    So I was curious about the technical aspect of the Antennas Direct ClearStream TV tuner. SO...I sent them an email request for more information. And they replied today. I can tell you the MaxLinear Mxl608 chip they are referring to is the same one in the latest Silicon Dust HDHomerun tuner.

    "Hi Jim,

    The CSTV uses the MaxLinear MxL608 tuner chip which is in broad usage by many other vendors such as Tablo and others.

    The majority of performance issues seem to be related to individual customer's routers or WiFi networks or APs. It seems that a number of retail router units that offer blazing fast up and download internet speeds unfortunately to be pretty mediocre (or worse) when asked to transfer 4-8 mb/sec from one WiFi client to another WiFi client. Other issues have to do with compatibility in that routers that misbehave with Google Cromecasts also misbehave with the CTSV since we use similar routines. If you currently use a Chromecast sucessfully, then odds are very good that the CSTV will also behave on your network.

    Please let us know if you have further questions.

    Antennas Direct"
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    I know one thing for sure I would not pay $100.00 for that Clear Stream Tuner. Best Buy $129.99 no way. You can get a new HDHomeRun OTA Tuner for 80.98 on amazon. or you can get a refurbished HDHomeRun CONNECT OTA Tuner for $49.99 here.

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