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Thread: Hurricane Maria Destruction to AM WCGB 1060 Antenna Tower in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico

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    Exclamation Hurricane Maria Destruction to AM WCGB 1060 Antenna Tower in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico

    WCGB-AM 1060 'The Rock Radio Network' which is owned by the Calvary Evangelistic Mission, Inc (CEM) which teaches the Bible in the
    Caribbean both in English and Spanish since 1956.

    On Tuesday, September 19 at 10am the station interviewed Mayors of Santa Isabel and Juana Diaz before the passage of major Hurricane

    WCGB ran 5kW day, then 500 watts at night.

    Their sister stations are WIVV and WBMJ.

    The next day the station was flooded by the storm surge which severely damaged both inside and outside of the studio. Both transmitters
    are out-of-order.

    The parking lot along the west side of the station has two medium size trees knocked down to the ground near the rear. Two remain standing
    along the front end.

    The rooftop microwave tower located on the northeast corner creased in the middle with the lower section laying horizontal across the roof
    and the top section bend downward touching the ground. It appears that the dish mounting pipe mounting ring bolts snapped.

    Rooftop medium range UHF/VHF yagi antenna metal mast bend 40 degrees with the front end resting on the roof.

    The force of Maria's winds ripped up parts of the concrete roof.

    Buildings in the Campamento del Caribe are wrecked.

    Wooden power transmission towers, poles are down and roads blocked everywhere making transit difficult.

    1060-AM 'La Roca' is now broadcasting live programming from a fixed location with a bunker type studio (main control) strapped to a high
    ground pickup truck. The bunker space fits three people.

    Believe it or not, but there is some humor to this. The FCC AM database has the religious station blown away on top of seamounts in the
    Gulf of Guinea, south of Accra, Ghana, Africa 4,680 miles east-southeast of Puerto Rico according to their groundwave contour maps.

    (9) Images:

    1. WCGB_1060_Juana_DiazPR5.jpg
    2. WCGB_1060_Juana_DiazPR6.jpg
    3. WCGB_1060_Juana_DiazPR7.jpg
    4. WCGB_1060_Juana_DiazPR8.jpg
    5. WCGB_1060_Juana_DiazPR9.jpg
    6. WCGB_1060_Juana_DiazPR10.jpg
    7. WCGB_1060_Juana_DiazPR11.jpg
    8. WCGB_1060_Juana_DiazPR12.jpg
    9. WCGB_1060_FCC_GoogleEarthPro.jpg

    Listen online:
    [WCGB (Live M-F from 9 AM to 1 PM)]
    Donation Form:

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    Hate to see that destruction. I hope nobody was hurt.

    For some reason the FCC contour plot is plotting the antenna pattern at 0-0-0N/0-0-0W. It should be 17-59-28N/66-28-32W which does appear in the FCC records as the location of the WCGB tower.
    Doug Smith W9WI
    Pleasant View, TN EM66

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